Whether you are a business owner or an individual taxpayer, a professional tax preparer can help make it easier to file your return. However, with all the different tax preparers available, it can quickly become overwhelming which to choose.

Furthermore, not all preparers provide the same services; therefore, there are some questions you should consider first to help you choose the right one for you, including:

Do You Need a Full Time or Seasonal Tax Professional?

Tax professionals have different availabilities, depending on their area of expertise, which usually affects when they are available for tax help.

For instance, some preparers also provide a host of other professional tax services, so they are available to assist you with your IRS obligations throughout the year.

However, other tax professionals specialize in filing IRS returns only, so they are typically only available during the tax season. Hence, if you try to reach them any time before this, don’t be surprised if you do not get a reply.

Therefore, you first need to determine why you need a tax professional, which will let you know whether you need a more experienced accountant, etc., or if you can get by with just a reputable tax preparer.

Do You Require Business Filing or Individual Filing?

The type of return you are filing will also help you determine the type of preparer you need.

For instance, if you are filing a return for your company, the requirements are usually more complex, in which case, you may need to hire a tax professional that specializes in filing tax returns for businesses to help.

On the other hand, if you are just simply filing an individual return, then, again, any reputable tax professional will do.

You may also be able to file a business return as part of your individual tax return, depending on the type of business, such as if it is a sole proprietorship. However, because tax filing for businesses requires more paperwork, which takes more time, you will also typically be charged more.

What Credentials Does the Tax Preparer Have?

Tax preparers’ credentials run far and wide, depending on their profession.

The most common types of preparers are EAs (Enrolled Agents), CPAs (Certified Public Accountants), and tax attorneys.

When it comes to their credentials, CPAs require a license to file business and individual tax returns in the state of California, while EAs must be accredited by the IRS, and tax attorneys must be registered at the California state bar.

All other tax preparers require registration with the CTEC (California Tax Education Council) to file tax taxes on someone else’s behalf.

Are You Interested in E-Filing?

Generally, tax preparers who file numerous tax returns offer e-file, which helps process your return quicker.

However, those that file under 11 tax returns per year may not offer e-file because they are not required to do so.

Therefore, if e-filing is important to you, be sure your chosen preparer offers it before hiring him or her.

Are You Seeking a Tax Refund Loan?

Some tax preparers offer their clients a tax refund loan when they come into their office and file their taxes, which is then reimbursed once your return is processed.

Therefore, if you are seeking a tax refund loan when you file your taxes, be sure to visit a tax preparer’s office that offers it.

However, be sure the terms and conditions are reasonable; otherwise, it might be better just to wait the 21 days it typically takes for the IRS to issue your refund.

Will The Preparer be There If You are Audited by the IRS?

Because an IRS audit can occur to anyone and at any time, some tax professionals retain copies of your records, so they are ready to supply them if you are chosen. Some also offer audit support online to help answer IRS notices.

In the meantime, if you are responsible for additional taxes due to the preparer’s fault, some of them will also usually reimburse you.

Therefore, be sure to inquire about tax audit representation and reimbursements before hiring a tax professional, so you are protected if the IRS decides to investigate you.

Do You Qualify for Free Tax Filing?

If you make $57,000 or less, you have a disability, or you are a taxpayer who speaks little English, you are typically eligible for free tax help via various IRS programs.

The IRS also offers many free programs concerning retirement-related taxes for those 60 years of age or older.

To find free tax return preparation assistance for qualifying individuals, visit the
IRS website.

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